Creenstone, founded in 1995, is a Dutch women’s fashion brand, specialized in Outerwear. From its early years, the brand fulfilled the need for quality and elegance that was lacking in the market at the time. The elegant, practical woman that was envisaged by the company appeared to actually exist.
The brand has been represented on the Russian market for more than 15 years and has already won the love and respect of the consumer thanks to, first of all, flawless fit and patterns, specially adapted to the figure of a Russian woman.

Specialization : women's raincoats, coats and jackets

Reset is a Dutch outerwear brand that creates unsurpassed collections for customers who prefer fashionable clothes and keep up with the times.
Clothing RESET is ideal for modern people who lead an active lifestyle, which determines the choice of suitable clothing for any occasion and weather. RESET designers have found the perfect balance of comfort, sophistication and timeless fashion.

Specialization : women's outerwear

Refined, feminine, sensual. It was the creation of such a style that Jeanine and Lars Shaksena dreamed about when they first introduced their NÜ brand in 1997 in Denmark.
NÜ is a trendy, defiant design, expressed in an attractive, glamorous style. The combination of silk, wool, leather fabrics with prints, handmade embroidery, as well as unusual details created a unique foundation, the character of NÜ.
NÜ collections today are sold in large department stores in Denmark, as well as in other countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Austria, England, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Hungary, Canada, America and Australia .

Specialization : women's combi collections, blouses, jackets, suits, coats, raincoats, pullovers, shorts and skirts

The company was founded in 1962.
Hegler's product has been on the Russian market since 2003. The company is known and loved by Russian women.
Size range of Russian sizes from 42 to 58.
A collection of large sizes from 60 is also dropped.
The average price is quite acceptable. Basic composition: 95% viscose and 5% elastane. There are products made of cotton, flax, as well as in a small part of polyester.

Specialization : women's knitwear, blouses, tops, pants, jackets, shirts, dresses, pullovers, t-shirts and shorts

WEGA GmbH was founded in 1951, originally as a manufacturer of rainwear. In the 1960s the product range was altered to stylish ladies’ outerwear.

Customers were exclusively bulk wholesaler and mailorder houses. Under the motto ‘design, produce, finance’, outdoor clothing lines are today still being developed in close cooperation with key customers – discreetly and reliably.

In the last few years a line has been established for retail customers. It is distributed via sales agents and exported via distribution partners.

Wega are fashionable jackets, raincoats, windbreakers, coats, vests. Various models: youth and more female.

There are MAXI sizes up to 64 sizes. The company exists since 1951. There is a large warehouse program.

Specialization : women's youth jackets, raincoats, windbreakers, coats, vests.

The brand Milano was founded in 1996 and offers high-quality fashion products and top fashion for wholesale. The distribution is nationwide in Germany and in other European countries, with well over one thousand customers of the upper specialized retailers.

Milano Italy is fashion and style. It is lightness and comfort. These are modern models, natural fabrics (cotton, silk, viscose), bright colors and prints.

The one who bought this Milano blouse will come again. We know that for sure.

Specialization : women's knitwear, blouses, dresses, jumpers, tunics and t-shirts

River Woods brand was founded in 1995. River Woods collections are made in the spirit of authentic American style, combined with the needs of the European market. The brand is sold in all boutiques of European capitals, adjacent to LACOSTE, Tommy Hilfiger, Max MARA.
This is a combi brand for the whole family, women, men and children.

Specialization : blouses, jackets, suits, jackets, coats, dresses, pullovers, shorts and skirts