About Company

Dear Friends!

We are happy to welcome you on the website of the company „FD FASHION GMBH“.

Our company is 15 years old. During all these years we have been working with fashionable women's clothing and supplying it from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.  

Our partners include:


MILANO - blouses
ANNA MONTANA - trousers
- combi
WEGA - jackets
CREENSTONE - jackets and coats
RESET - jackets and coats


In the sections devoted specifically to each of our partner you can find further information about them and look closer at what we sell.

In the current seasons, when companies start exhibiting collections for receiving orders for the next year, these happens usually during international exhibitions, and we also present collections of partners listed on our website. You can place your order online. As a rule, orders for next year can be placed within 3 months from the beginning of the presentation of the collection and until its end. For those who could not or did not have time to visit this or other exhibition, it will be very convenient to use our site.

In addition to the main collections for winter and summer, each company also produces one or sometimes several intermediate collections during a season. The intermediate collection is usually much smaller than the main one, more compact and relevant.

Intermediate collection of each partned is also presented on our website.

In addition to collections there is another option - basic models. If you have limited time for compiling a collection, you can order basic models during whole year - spring-summer for summer season and autumn-winter for winter season respectively. There are not so many basic models, but they are the most relevant and well-sold. This option is also presented on our website.

And of course one of the most important point is the availability of a warehouse program, and our companies have it. You can find more information about the warehouse program on the website.

As you can see our partners have such diverse activities that it's hard to keep up with them!